2024 Mother’s Day Gift Guide — Brought to You by Actual Moms

2024 Mother’s Day Gift Guide — Brought to You by Actual Moms

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we are here to help you celebrate the moms in your life in style. Here at SRI, we know how important moms are. They really do it all. As the great philosopher Beyoncé once said, “Boy, you know you love it how we smart enough to make these millions, strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business.” Case closed, folks.

Fortunately for those looking for a way to celebrate their favorite moms, our Mother’s Day sale is happening now. But don’t shop the sale before you read this: We don’t just have moms — literally anyone could say that — we also are moms (the cool kind, obviously). As you might have gathered, we have a pretty good handle on what we like.

So, instead of just listing some things we sell and sending you on your merry shopping journey, we asked a handful of moms around the office to weigh in on the gifts they’d pick for themselves. Here’s what they said. 


Paaez C - Brand Manager and Terminally Cool Mom

“Obviously.”  It took Paaez about 4.7 seconds to answer this question. “It actually straightens my hair fast, which is really saying something,” she added, miming the volume of her natural curls. Paaez is never late and literally looks like she came straight from the salon every day at work. I also know she has one of those stereotypically long LA commutes, so you know her morning hair styling game is optimized for efficiency.


Pick the Titanium Edition hair straightener for the cool mom who always looks fabulous while she brings home the bacon.


Wealthy G - Public Relations, Video Boss and Peak Chic Mom

“It has ‘MA’ in it!” Get it? Ma-Genta. Topical Mother’s Day wordplay will earn you brownie points with your favorite nerd mom. “I also want one for myself anyway, so that’s honest,” Wealthy added.


The magenta DryQ is the special edition hot pink colorway for our best-selling hair dryer, and it comes with all the upgraded bells and whistles of our v3 model, which is great if you’re shopping for an on-the-go mom who wants to get the most of out of every hair drying sesh.


Jess F - Copywriter and Hotshot Rookie Mom

Hi, it’s me, and two things are true in this moment. The first: I’m super-duper pregnant with my first kid. Thing two: I’m really bad at styling my hair. As you might imagine, thing one does not encourage any positive change to thing two. But with the SupraCurl, that doesn’t matter, because it’s about as idiot-proof as it gets.


The barrels turn for you. The timer tells you when your curl is done. The SupraCurl takes all the challenge out of curling my hair, and that’s exactly what I want right now.


Abby M - Email Marketing Guru and Elite Dog Mom

“Because I am lazy,” she declared, with the assiduous sincerity of every busy millennial, “I either do my hair in five minutes, or it goes up in a ponytail.” Abby touches on something important here though: Unless you have an appointment at your local salon or drybar, doing your hair shouldn’t need to be an hour-plus-long time commitment.


Pick the Perfecto for the mom who doesn’t have the time, but absolutely has the will.


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