6 Tips for Healthy Summer Hair

6 Tips for Healthy Summer Hair
Summer is here, and that means long days at the beach, pool parties, and plenty of fun under the sun. But while you're enjoying the good weather and outdoor activities, it’s important to give your hair some extra love and care. 


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The combination of heat, humidity, and UV rays can take a toll on your locks, leaving them dry, brittle, and prone to damage. To help you maintain healthy and luscious hair this summer, we've compiled seven expert tips that will keep your tresses looking fabulous. Let's dive in!

1. Nutrients + Hydration

Just like your body needs hydration during the hot summer months — your hair craves it too. Make sure to drink plenty of water to keep your hair and scalp hydrated from within. But of course, that’s not all you can do! 

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2. Shield Your Hair from the Sun

We all know the importance of protecting our skin from harmful UV rays, but did you know that your hair can also suffer sun damage? Just like your skin, your hair can become dry, brittle, and discolored when exposed to prolonged sun exposure. 

To shield your hair, wear a stylish hat or scarf to provide shade and reduce direct contact with the sun's rays. If you're spending a lot of time outdoors, consider using a leave-in conditioner or UV protection spray specifically formulated for hair. These products form a protective barrier and help prevent sun damage.

If you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors this summer, watch out for for the following things: 

  • Weaker hair strands
  • Increased dryness
  • Brittle hair 
  • Hair color fading faster
  • A difference in your usual hair texture 

UVA radiation impacts hair color, while UVB rays adversely affect keratin, the essential protein in hair, so it’s vital to keep an eye on hair health under the summer sun!

3. Embrace Natural Styles

Summer is the perfect time to embrace low-maintenance hairstyles that protect your hair from excessive styling and heat damage. Try out trendy braids, buns, or top knots, which not only keep your hair off your face and neck but also add a touch of style to your look. 

Avoid using excessive heat styling tools like flat irons or curling wands, as they can strip away moisture and make your hair more prone to breakage. Instead, let your hair air dry whenever possible or opt for heat-free styling techniques like twist-outs or air-dried waves.

4. Rinse Before You Dive

Before taking a dip in the pool or ocean, always rinse your hair with clean water. Wetting your hair before swimming helps reduce chlorine and saltwater absorption, which can lead to dryness and damage. 


Consider applying a leave-in conditioner or a few drops of oil to your hair before swimming to create a barrier against the harsh chemicals and salt.

Once you're done swimming, rinse your hair thoroughly to remove any residual chlorine or salt, and follow up with a moisturizing treatment to restore hydration.

5. Use a Hair Mask

As the sun's rays intensify and humidity takes its toll, our precious locks need extra care and nourishment. Luckily, hair masks are here to save the day, providing an oasis of hydration and rejuvenation.


Whether you're a fan of luxurious salon treatments or prefer the simplicity of DIY solutions, hair masks offer a wide range of benefits. Deep conditioning masks penetrate deeply into each strand, replenishing moisture, and revitalizing dull, lifeless hair. They combat frizz, taming unruly locks and leaving you with smooth, silky strands that are ready to take on any summer adventure.

But why stop at store-bought options when you can unleash your creativity with DIY hair masks? Using natural ingredients from your pantry, you can concoct personalized treatments tailored to your hair's unique needs. 


From moisturizing avocado and coconut oil blends to strengthening banana and honey mixtures, the possibilities are endless. DIY hair masks not only save you money but also let you pamper your hair with all-natural goodness.

By incorporating hair masks into your summer hair care routine, you can shield your tresses from the damaging effects of sun exposure, chlorine, and saltwater. The restorative properties of these masks repair and protect, ensuring your hair remains resilient, vibrant, and effortlessly beautiful.

6. Regular Trims

One essential tip for maintaining healthy summer hair is to prioritize regular trims. While it may seem counterintuitive to trim your hair when you're trying to grow it out, this simple practice can work wonders in keeping your locks vibrant and free from damage during the sunny season.


Summer brings along increased exposure to harsh elements such as the sun, chlorine, and saltwater. These factors can take a toll on your hair, leaving it prone to split ends and breakage.

By scheduling regular trims every 6-8 weeks, you combat these issues head-on. Trimming off the damaged ends not only helps prevent further breakage but also promotes healthier hair growth from the roots.

Beyond the functional benefits, regular trims offer a refreshing boost to your overall look. The removal of dead, frayed ends breathes new life into your hair, making it appear fresher, bouncier, and more vibrant.

Embrace the opportunity to experiment with different hairstyles and textures, knowing that your hair is in its prime condition.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, achieving and maintaining healthy summer hair is all about embracing a holistic approach to care. By implementing these essential tips and practices into your hair care routine, you can protect your locks from the damaging effects of the sun, chlorine, and saltwater. 

Remember to shield your hair from the sun's rays, hydrate and nourish it with the right products, indulge in the power of hair masks, and prioritize regular trims. By doing so, you'll not only keep your hair looking its best but also ensure its long-term health and vitality.

So, this summer, let your hair radiate with confidence as you enjoy the sun-kissed adventures ahead, knowing that your hair is at its healthiest and most beautiful state.


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