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Hey Beautiful, 

Congratulations on finding the easiest — and most beautiful — way to dry, style, and curl your hair all at once. 

We're thrilled to introduce the StyleWrap 4-in-1 Dryer Brush —  the ultimate all-in-one styling tool for ALL hair types

The StyleWrap offers features that go above and beyond. First, let's talk about our ionic technology. While the competition offers the standard, we're here to blow you away with an incredible 2 billion negative ions. That's a whopping 10x more than what you'll find in most other dryer brushes out there. What does that mean for you? It means you can style without having to worry about frizzy blowouts!

We understand that some dryer brushes are just too big and bulky, making it even harder to style certain hair types and lengths. That's why we've included a narrow round brush attachment that helps grasp and style shorter, finer hair easily and effortlessly. This gives you the ultimate styling control needed to craft your perfect look.

And for those of you with longer, thicker hair, we've got you covered too. Our paddle brush attachment smooths and detangles effortlessly, making your hair more manageable and easier to style.

Welcome to a world where gorgeous hair is a breeze!


The SRI Team


What sets the StyleWrap Dryer Brush apart from other hair styling tools on the market?

The StyleWrap Dryer Brush's remarkable 2 billion negative ions work wonders in reducing frizz. Negative ions are molecules that help neutralize the positively charged ions in your hair, which are often the culprits behind frizz and flyaways. By emitting a massive quantity of these negative ions – 10 times more than leading competitors – our dryer brush effectively counteracts the static and frizz, leaving your hair noticeably smoother, shinier, and more manageable.

Will the StyleWrap work for my short, fine hair?

Absolutely! Our narrow round brush attachment is a game-changer for those with shorter, finer hair. Its smaller and narrower design provides enhanced precision, enabling you to easily grasp and style short, delicate strands. This attachment works in synergy with the 2 billion negative ions, delivering precise control to give your short, fine hair that perfect finish.

Are there attachments that cater to long, thick hair?

Indeed! The StyleWrap Dryer Brush is a versatile powerhouse, especially for those with longer, thicker hair. Our paddle brush attachment is your secret weapon for effortlessly smoothing and detangling those lovely, voluminous locks. The broad paddle brush attachment design covers a larger surface area, making it ideal for longer and thicker hair textures. It tames unruly strands, making them more manageable, and prepares your hair for a flawless, salon-quality finish. 

How does the Coanda Air Wrapping technology work?

The Coanda Air Wrapping effect utilizes the surrounding air to attract hair towards the curling barrel, creating a smooth and natural-looking curl or wave without tangling or pulling on the hair.

Real People. Real Results.

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Fast. Easy. Beautiful.

Say Hello to the Easiest Way to Blowout Your Hair at Home

  •  Achieve stunning, bouncy blowouts with an added benefit of 2 billion negative ions to effortlessly help reduce frizz during styling — impressively 10 times the ionic output compared to leading competitors.
  •  Our all-in-one styling tool makes it easy to dry, style, and curl, so you can enjoy salon-quality results in a fraction of the time, all within the comfort of your home.
  •  Whether you have long, thick locks or short, fine hair, we've got you covered. Our narrow round brush provides precise control for shorter, finer hair, while our paddle brush attachment effortlessly smooths and detangles, making it an ideal choice for longer or thicker hair types.
  •  The StyleWrap offers all the features you need at a better price. You get salon-quality results, innovative attachments, and advanced technology without breaking the bank. Beauty and affordability, all in one package!
  •  Feel confident in your purchase with our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and a solid 1-Year Warranty for your peace of mind.

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What's the Hype All About?


At Skin Research Institute, we put technology and wellness at the forefront of our products. As a leader in the health & beauty, SRI is proud to present the Style Wrap as the leading styling tool for healthy, beautiful hair.

Coanda “Air Wrapping” Effect
Ionic Technology
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3 Speed Setting
3 Temperature Settings
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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Customer Satisfaction is Our #1 priority - The Style Wrap 4-in-1 Dryer Brush helps you achieve healthy, long-lasting curls! Don’t miss out!

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1-Year Warranty

We conducted extensive research and development so we know the Style Wrap 4-in-1 Dryer Brush is a high-quality product that will last you for years, but we still give our customers a one-year warranty in case anything happens!

If you experience any technical issues with your Style Wrap 4-in-1 Dryer Brush, we’ve got your back with a 1-Year Warranty.

We aim to make this process as simple as possible with transparent details and directions should you have to activate your warranty.

Here’s a clear breakdown of the warranty process:
1. All manufacturing defects and technical issues are covered if your Style Wrap 4-in-1 Dryer Brush stops working..

2. Once you contact our customer success team, they’ll provide a return authorization number (RMA#) and the address of the proper Authorized Return Center to ship the product back.

3. Ship the product back to the Authorized Return Center address provided and receive your new Style Wrap 4-in-1 Dryer Brush soon after!

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