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*Claims from a consumer study of 32 women who used the product for two weeks.
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Say hello to the Infrarose Styler! (And say goodbye to dry, brittle hair and frizz!) A straightener that finally helps to rejuvenate hair, giving it the beautiful, silky finish you love.

  •     Minimizes frizz & breakage
  •     Heats up in 30 seconds or less
  •     Simple & smooth handling

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We are proud to say our dedicated staff is shipping our products quickly and safely even during the holidays. There are NO SHIPPING DELAYS on U.S. orders (2-5 days average shipping time).


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The Infrarose styler treats hair with care, styling to shiny, flawless perfection, minimizing damage.

Old, cheap straighteners snag hair and damage ends, causing hair to weaken and fall out. With the Infrarose Styler, infrared light therapy moisturizes roots and strengthens ends, while tourmaline-ceramic plates evenly distribute heat for maximum results and shine.

More about the Infrarose Styler and why customers love it:

Infrared light is already being used successfully in hair and scalp health and is proven to stimulate the follicles for regrowth.

The Infrarose Styler utilizes infrared light that heats the hair from within, rather than exposing it to direct heat from the outside which can scorch and damage your hair.

Our straightener is also equipped with tourmaline and ceramic plates that create negative ions to minimize frizz and promote natural moisture retention.

It even features multiple heat settings for every hair type, allowing you the ability and peace of mind to style your hair however you want without sacrificing its health. Maximum moisture? Gentle heat? Sounds like a match made in heaven.

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We’re so excited for you to join the healthy hair revolution.

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We conducted extensive research and development so we know the Infrarose Styler is a high-quality product that will last you for years, but we still give our customers a one-year warranty in case anything happens!

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