• More style, less damage

    Infrarose Curler

    A powerful infrared tool designed to
    gently heat hair from within, giving you
    less damage and a better styling experience.

  • Works Like A Gem

    Unique tourmaline-ceramic barrel evenly
    distributes heat, minimizes frizz and damage, to lock in
    moisture for glamorous curls.



This beautiful 1” Curler is designed to create gorgeous curls and waves with ease. Its unique red light therapy and negative ion technology help to rejuvenate hair from frizzy to silky, so you can rock gorgeous hair all day long.

  •    Helps reduce heat damage
  •    Smooth, snag-free handling
  •    Quick rising temperature

Styling your hair should make you look good AND feel good! That means from beach waves to big curls, you get all the shine and bounce you want, without all the damage.


At Skin Research Institute, we put technology and wellness at the forefront of our products. As a leader in the health & beauty industry, SRI is proud to present the Infrarose Curler as the leading styling tool for healthy, beautiful hair.

Infrared Bed

The infrared light strip quickly heats hair from within to help easily shape strands, while protecting hair from breakage and damage.

Orbit Cord

Convenient 360º swivel cord prevents tangling so you can style your hair from all angles with ease.

Gemstone Barrel

Tourmaline barrel provides even heat for polished curls, while extra  length allows for faster styling on wider hair sections!


Digital Temperature Screen

The versatile temperature gauge and digital screen allows you to watch the Curler quickly heat up to your desired temperature.

Smooth Grip & Professional Clamp

The non-slip, soft-touch handle and professional grip clamp provide perfect ergonomic and hassle-free styling.

Cool Tip For Handling

Avoid burnt fingertips with the cool, smooth Curler tip for a more controlled and stress-free styling experience!

Flaunt Gorgeous, Head-Turning Curls Every Day!


  •    Retail Price: $165

  •    Regular SRI Price: $139

  •    First Time Customer Sale 🎉: $115 + Free Shipping
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Status Update:

We are proud to say our dedicated staff is shipping our products quickly and safely during this unusual time of COVID-19. There are NO SHIPPING DELAYS on U.S. orders (2-5 days average shipping time).


*Paid Actors - Individual Results May Vary


*Paid Actors


*Individual Results May Vary


How fast will my Infrarose ship?

The Infrarose Curler will ship within 48-hours after you place your order. Once in transit, average shipping times are about 2-4 business days.

How hot does the Infrarose Curler get?

The SRI Infrarose Curler heats to a max temperature of 410ºF, and the lowest setting is 170ºF.

Can I use the Infrarose Curler every day?

Yes! The Infrarose Curler is designed for daily use. Its health-conscious features ensure healthy, shiny curls with minimal heat damage so that you can enjoy beautiful hair every single day; however, individual results may vary.

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If you give your hair the best care and style it with the best tools, your hair will last a lifetime. Treating it with high-quality products, and reducing as much heat damage as possible will help you get the shiny, healthy, strong locks you deserve.

Refund Policy -Your happiness is a top priority at the Skin Research Institute. If you’re not 100% happy with your purchase for any reason at all, you’re able to receive a refund within 60 days of your purchase.

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We conducted extensive research and development so we know the Infrarose Curler is a high-quality product that will last you for years, but we still give our customers a one-year warranty in case anything happens!

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