Reset and Relax: 5 Secrets to a Restorative Self-Care Sunday

Reset and Relax: 5 Secrets to a Restorative Self-Care Sunday

Life is busy. Between work and life and making sure everyone in your family has everything they need, it can be hard to find time to steal any time for yourself. So we put together this easy-to-follow guide to help you turn some healthy, feel-good practices into lasting habits.

With less than an hour per week, you can develop a routine that helps you absorb some of the care you share with those around you the other 6.96 days per week. We picked Sundays as our reset day, but you can implement these strategies any day that fits your busy schedule.

So, without further ado, here are five ways to reset and charge your batteries.

1. Wake Up Gently 

Do not check your phone. Don’t do it. Don’t look at your work emails. Don’t scroll Instagram. Don’t jump back into the world outside your home. If you can, don’t even set an alarm. Waking up feeling rested is a real treat, so take it when you can. 

Just wake up how you wake up and save the screens for later. Trust us, there will be plenty of time for doomscrolling later. For now, just experience the sounds of your home, the coziness of your bed, and the feeling of waking up without worrying about the next work crisis.

2. Romanticize Your Morning Coffee

From bed, you’re probably gonna want some caffeine, so we recommend making your coffee experience work for you, rather than the other way around. 

Whether you’re a French press girlie or a regular-old drip coffee queen, you can crank up the nutrients in your morning Joe with a single scoop of Colsilk — our collagen, colostrum, and golden polypody total wellness supplement. Colsilk has no added sweeteners, so you can make your favorite coffee as usual while unlocking a ton of anti-aging, pro-wellness properties.

3. Go Outside

Before you dive into the rest of your day, take a few minutes to go outside. The number of times we have personally experienced the mood-boosting benefits of a moment in the fresh air are truly too many to count. But before you slip those shoes on, we recommend putting on a layer of our moisturizing daily sunscreen, so your gorgeous face is protected from harmful UV rays from the sun.

And what’s more than a sunny boost to your mood, going outside also helps your brain. That’s right: According to the American Psychological Association, time in nature has cognitive benefits for both adults and children, improving both memory and attention control.

4. Hydrate

Drinking water isn’t just for TikTokers and fitness influencers, it is super important to maintain balance in all of your body systems. Water helps make the nutrients we eat more available to absorb, supports joint health, lessens the burden on your kidneys, and so much more.

So while you’re enjoying that nutrient-packed coffee, make sure to drink some water too. This is especially important in the warmer months when we lose more water in the form of sweat.

5. Stretch

Did you know that stretching boosts serotonin, the hormone that helps stabilize our mood and regulate our stress responses. And common sense tells us stretching is beneficial as well. If more stress leads to more muscle tension, stretching (read: releasing muscle tension) should send the nervous system in the other direction.

Studies also show that regular stretching can help ease period cramps, which is a huge win for anyone experiencing the disruptive inconvenience of menstruation.

So, whether you choose to roll out your yoga mat in the yard or just take a few minutes to give your muscles a good lengthening after a week of sitting in front of a computer, take the time to check in on how your body feels and which areas are experiencing tension.


That’s it. It’s really that simple. This ultra-simple routine can help you reset your mind and body before diving back into the stresses of the rest of your life. 

One bonus tip: Most importantly, don’t put pressure on yourself to make any of these moments perfect or make them look any kind of specific way. If your kid wakes you up before you’re ready, that’s ok. Not all is lost. You can still enjoy a nourishing cup of coffee and take five minutes to stretch. Then, grab your little one and a tumbler of water on a walk around the neighborhood and knock out Nos. 3 and 4.

The golden rule is important here. Treat yourself the way you’d treat anyone else and make sure you have what you need to fill your cup — literally and metaphorically speaking.


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