Our 2024 Graduation Gift Guide

Our 2024 Graduation Gift Guide

If you’re in need of inspo for a graduation gift for your favorite newly anointed adult/college graduate, you’ve come to the right place. When I graduated from college, there was one thing I was absolutely lacking — well, two things. The first was expendable income. The second was any tools for grownup self-care. 

As it turns out, the useful lives of an unironic medium-height Bump-It and a collection of inky blank eyeliner were nearing their end. I didn’t own a flat iron. My shiny silver curling iron had rust spots. And I never thought about sunscreen unless I was going to the beach. 

So, to help prepare your favorite new grad for the wide world of off-campus living, here’s a few gifts that will help her be ready for job interviews, date nights, and beyond.

Titanium Edition Hair Straightener

When time is of the essence, our titanium-plated hair straightener is the real MVP. It gets hot, and fast, to straighten even the thickest, curliest hair in 15 minutes or less. Choose this straightener for the grad who hits the snooze button as many times as she can get away with.

DryQ Hair Dryer

She might already have a hair dryer, but this one is a long-term investment in her hair health. The DryQ combines the power of red light therapy with negative ion technology to ensure a smooth blowout that nourishes her hair’s cuticle while it dries. Choose this gift for the grad who loves a nourishing beauty routine.


If she’s been talking about wanting the Dyson Airwrap but just can’t justify the price tag, look no further than our StyleWrap. The StyleWrap is a versatile, Coanda-powered multitool with plenty of attachments for creating all sorts of styles. It’s just the kind of all-in-one hair tool that’s perfect for someone with limited storage space.


It’s more than just a curling iron, the SupraCurl is an automatic curling iron with three interchangeable barrels, so your favorite grad who says “I’m just not good at doing my hair” can look like she just came from the salon without breaking the bank.


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