Lucky Us: Hair Loss Isn't Just for Guys in Hair Plug Commercials

Lucky Us: Hair Loss Isn't Just for Guys in Hair Plug Commercials

Picture it: You’re getting ready for work in the morning, brushing the bed head from your hair, when you see it — a tangle of strands the size of a small animal stuck in the bristles. Ugh

Whether it’s due to menopause, stress, the aftermath of illness, or other issues like the postpartum baby blues, hair-thinning isn’t something anyone celebrates. Furthermore, as women, there’s also a lot of misplaced shame wrapped up in the idea of losing our hair, even though lots of women deal with these issues (often in silence) every day. 

Well, friends, shame no more. For starters, more than half of all women experience hair thinning at some point in their lives. That’s most women. So, you’re very much not alone.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you only have so much control over your hormone levels, your body’s stress response, and how your hair will respond to illness or medical treatment. No amount of willpower or so-called “good behavior” can say, “Hey there, endocrine system, could you show a little love to my hair this week!”

Unfortunately, that’s just not how it works. But don’t panic.

Fortunately there are ways to slow and even reverse thinning hair that don’t involve pricey surgical intervention or an hours-long hair care routine nobody actually has time for. Here are some of our favorite life hacks for improving your hair strength, growth, and texture.

From the Inside: Hair Vitamins

You’ve probably seen ads across the greater internet for various hair vitamins and supplements. Our favorite is, naturally, RenewGlow, a Biotin and Antioxidant supplement packed with time-tested herbal remedies that have been shown to help your body grow healthy hair, skin, and nails faster.

From the Outside: Red Light Therapy



Infrared light has been shown to stimulate blood circulation in scalp cells, which helps increase the metabolism of telogen hair follicles, and helps to foster the right conditions for hair growth. Both our DryQ and our Steam Styler have infrared light as a feature.

Preventative Protection: The Power of Steam

And while we’re on the subject of the Steam Styler… steam! 

You’ve heard that adage that you should never flat iron your hair when it’s wet, which is true. Direct contact between a wet strand of hair and a flat iron causes tremendous damage to both the cortex and cuticle and can absolutely ruin color. Watch this video if you need more proof. 

But the whole problem with heat and hair is dehydration, so, how do we get around this issue? With steam. Adding steam to your hair straightening routine can protect your healthy hair from unnecessary damage by rehydrating your strands while you straighten.

No Plate Special: It’s in the Air

The other way to cut down on damage while still styling your hair is to use air instead of direct contact. Enter: the StyleWrap, the only Coanda multitool you need in 2024. The StyleWrap uses circulating suction power to attract your hair to the tool, curling, volumizing, or straightening it without a single hot plate in sight.


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